sharing life, helping others, exploring faith

what is she?

She is the women’s ministry at Eastside. The term “She” comes from the three primary motives of the ministry- Sharing life, Helping others, and Exploring faith.

how can I find out more?

You can contact the church office for more information about Eastside’s womans ministry events.

what happens through she?

Throughout the year, She runs a variety of events ranging from high teas to retreats. These events are designed to acknowledge the fact that God created women unique with diverse needs, desires, gifts and challenges, and that all women are at different stages in their walk with God.

She aims to run at least four “Connect” events each year. These events are tailored for women, by women, and are designed to complement the vision of Eastside. Through these events women of all ages are encouraged to learn from experiences and testimonies, and in the sharing practical examples of God at work in the lives of women. These events also promote opportunities for women to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each event is also designed to be non-threatening, to enable women to invite family and friends.