Discipleship is not optional. We believe that every person at Eastside is called to increasingly and passionately follow Jesus in every area of life. As part of our discipleship pathways, Growth Groups are for Christians who have already laid solid foundations for following Jesus.

The pattern of a Christian life is come as you are, but by the grace of God, it is not stay as you are. Through God’s word and by His Spirit we are called to a lifetime of being transformed into the likeness of the Lord Jesus. Because of this, we want the best days as Christians to be ahead of us, not behind us.

In Growth Groups we help one another to grow and mature as Christians. We do this by: studying the Bible together, praying together, promoting the gospel together, and for caring for one another. BUT, Growth Groups are not just a two-hour event. Instead, they’re about being a family that know, speak and live out the transforming news of Jesus found in the Bible.

We’d love for you to sign up to one of our groups. We have many groups in a variety of locations, meeting at a variety of times. To sign up, contact the office.