We believe that following Jesus makes the very best sense of life.

But we get that many people have doubts and are sceptical about church, God and faith. Rather than being put off by doubts and scepticism, we love helping people wrestle with and explore the bigger questions of life.

In March 2019 we had Dan Paterson help us unpack questions like “how can there be a good God if suffering abounds?’ and, ‘what good does Christianity offer the world today?’. On Sunday 6 June, Dan will be back to help us explore three more topics:

8am: Why do I need God if I’m happy as I am?

10am: Why isn’t God more obvious?

5pm: Hasn’t science buried God?

You can hear Dan Paterson’s sessions from our 2019 Re-Thinking God on our media page, just select ‘Browse Series’ and choose ‘Re-Thinking God’.