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Deacon of Audio/Visual

Deacon of Building and Grounds


Deacon of Compliance

Deacon of Finance

Deacon of Welcoming

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Eastside Kids Club Leaders

Eastside Youth Leaders

Kids and Youth Teams Handbook

property & grounds ministries

The Lord has richly blessed Eastside with a large property, and it is our duty as Eastsiders to steward it well and ensure it is kept well-maintained. One of the ways we do this is through the maintenance and mowing teams, whose purpose is to help keep our buildings and grounds looking tidy and orderly – in doing so, reflecting one of the characteristics of our God, who is a God of order. The Deacon of Building and Grounds oversees the maintenance team while working alongside the staff member who oversees Facilities, Property and Assets. And, the Mowing Team Coordinator oversees the mowing team.

Maintenance Team

Mowing Team

welcome ministries

<Blurb – we want to see people welcomed like how Christ welcomes us. This team is overseen by our Deacon of Welcoming…. etc. etc.>

Coffee Team

Greeting Team (Check-In Team)

Morning Tea Team


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